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A Possibility to Find a Planet around the Gargantua Black Hole. Scientific explanation of a planet orbiting a black hole/
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The scientific explanation of Miller’s Planet and Black Hole in the Interstellar film

In the last decade, the black hole became a hot topic to be discussed. After astronomers worldwide announced their in 2019, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded astronomers for their discovery about the black hole a year later. …

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Getting Started

How to use LaTeX font, create zoom effect, outbox legend, continuous error, and adjust box pad margin

Data visualization is used to shows the data in a more straightforward representation and more comfortable to be understood. It can be formed in histograms, scatter plots, line plots, pie chart, etc. Many people are still using Matplotlib as their back-end module to visualize their plots. …

introduction to python plotting with matplotlib
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Introduction to Matplotlib

Completed Matplotlib tutorials for Python plotting from basic to advanced, with 100+ examples

Data visualization aims to present the data into a more straightforward representation, such as scatter plot, density plot, bar chart, etc. It is also useful to give readers or analysts a global picture of their data. By visualizing your data, you can detect potential outliers. In Python, you can use…


The reasons why Binance Smart Chain (BSC) will be the next Ethereum

The future of cryptocurrency. Binance Smart Chain will overcome Ethereum
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Nowadays, almost all people worldwide know Bitcoin, the biggest cryptocurrency from its’ market capitalization. The invention spirit of cryptocurrency is avoiding the “Greedy of Bank”, especially after many people were suffered in The Financial Crisis of 2008. People started to create a new payment system.

Satoshi Nakamoto (an unknown person…

Schedule your Facebook Page and Instagram post with Facebook Business Suite

Schedule Facebook Page and Instagram post with Free and No Trial
Facebook and Instagram (designed by )

Are you interested in growing your social media, Facebook Page and Instagram page effectively? You did not need to invest a lot of your time to manage your post. Automation is the best solution to do it. We will get complex procedures if we automate Instagram posts (users can only…

Python Visualization

A guide to understanding animation in Matplotlib

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A picture is worth a thousand words means that graphics can more effectively convey ideas than many words. How about animation or video? or video is composed of many pictures. Of course, animation can be more effective in delivering ideas. The next level is the simulation. The difference between…

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