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A Possibility to Find a Planet around the Gargantua Black Hole. Scientific explanation of a planet orbiting a black hole/
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The scientific explanation of Miller’s Planet and Black Hole in the Interstellar film

In the last decade, the black hole became a hot topic to be discussed. After astronomers worldwide announced their in 2019, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences awarded astronomers for their discovery about the black hole a year later. …

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Getting Started

How to use LaTeX font, create zoom effect, outbox legend, continuous error, and adjust box pad margin

Data visualization is used to shows the data in a more straightforward representation and more comfortable to be understood. It can be formed in histograms, scatter plots, line plots, pie chart, etc. Many people are still using Matplotlib as their back-end module to visualize their plots. …

introduction to python plotting with matplotlib
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Introduction to Matplotlib

Completed Matplotlib tutorials for Python plotting from basic to advanced, with 100+ examples

Data visualization aims to present the data into a more straightforward representation, such as scatter plot, density plot, bar chart, etc. It is also useful to give readers or analysts a global picture of their data. By visualizing your data, you can detect potential outliers. In Python, you can use…

Python Visualization

A guide to understanding animation in Matplotlib

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A picture is worth a thousand words means that graphics can more effectively convey ideas than many words. How about animation or video? or video is composed of many pictures. Of course, animation can be more effective in delivering ideas. The next level is the simulation. The difference between…

python plotting matplotlib scientific plots
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Customizing Matplotlib for your scientific data visualization

There are at least two inspirations in writing this story. The first inspiration is coming from my participation in Summer School on Galaxies and Cosmology (SSGC 2020). It has three parts: Public Lecture, Lectures, and Workshops. One of the Workshops analyzed the weak gravitational lensing using Oguri et al. (2012)…

A guide to create complex subplot in Matplotlib
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Getting Started

A guide to creating complex subplots in Matplotlib using subplot, add_subplot, and GridSpec

In certain times, we need to visualize our data into complex plots because we should do it or make a great plot. For example, you want to make a in your plot, as shown in Figure 1. To present it, you need to build a convoluted subplot. Figure…

creating colormap
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A guide to creating and customizing your own colormaps from a list of colors

Almost all the programmers who work with Python programming language know Matplotlib. It is one of the most used libraries. It is a multi-platform library that can play with many operating systems and was built in 2002 by John Hunter.

Nowadays, people start to develop new packages with more simple…

read big data effectively with python

Making Sense of Big Data

Read and visualize 1.25 billion rows of Galaxy simulation data with Python effectively

Nowadays, we are entering many kinds of the era. Some people said that we are in the Disruption Era. To understand it, we can use a term from Schwartz (1999) in his book, Digital Darwinism. The term describes that we are entering the era in which businesses can not adapt…

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