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  • Sarashanti


    Data scientist who also enjoy tidying up and writing

  • Ryan Lewis

    Ryan Lewis

    Data Science | Automation | Management Consulting | Sports Analytics

  • Hank Kuo

    Hank Kuo


  • Jakob Poerschmann

    Jakob Poerschmann

    After graduating with an MSc in Data Science I recently joined Google as Cloud Technical Resident https://www.linkedin.com/in/jakob-poerschmann/

  • E. Samet Bişkin

    E. Samet Bişkin

    Management Information System | Karadeniz Technical University | linkedin.com/in/esbiskin

  • Uber Dev

    Uber Dev

    I am a Developer. I love to create projects in the field of Computer Science and Software Development.

  • Nirdesh


  • Alexander Popov

    Alexander Popov

    Data Scientist with a penchant for solving problems with few lines of code and computing power. Business, forecasting, automation, machine learning.

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