Why we should migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal messenger because of new privacy policy
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Why We Need to Migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal

A response to WhatsApp new privacy policy

Nowadays, people around the world are surprised by one of the largest messaging app, WhatsApp. WhatsApp updated its terms privacy policy that asking users to share their data with Facebook. It is a big contrast with what WhatsApp promised in 2014 when acquiesced by Facebook.

Even though WhatsApp had clarified some rumors, but the privacy policy seems to contradict it. I only examine one of the claims, “WhatsApp cannot see our shared location, neither can Facebook.”

WhatsApp clarification

WhatsApp will automatically collect and use precise location information of our device with our permission. Even we do not use location-related features, WhatsApp uses our IP address to estimate the general location (city and country).

Why we should migrate from WhatsApp to Telegram or Signal messenger because of new privacy policy
WhatsApp new privacy policy, sub Location information.

We need to understand the privacy policy and the claims wisely. WhatsApp will automatically collect our location information, but it can not see our location because our location is protected by end-to-end encryption. The same practice can be applied to other privacy problems, maybe. If you have another opinion, you can share it.

Many people will not accept the new privacy policy of WhatsApp. They still need a messenger application to build communication with friends, family, etc. They are trying to find WhatsApp’s alternatives because it only offers two options, accept the new policy or delete your WhatsApp account. One of them is Telegram. Why Telegram? Because Telegram will only collect our phone number, access the username and the profile photo. The data Telegram collected will not be used for ads. Many advantages you can get from Telegram. You can check it here. One of my favorites is I can create a bot to monitor the cryptocurrency easily.

People are migrating from WhatsApp to Telegram. About 25 million new Telegram users are joining Telegram in the last 72 hours (Jan 13rd). What a surprise in this New Year!

Telegram growth

Do you need a more private messenger app? You can use the Signal. It knows nothing about your account. Your phone number will be truncated cryptographically, and the names of the contacts or any other information are neither transmitted nor stored on the app’s server. Elon Musk tweeted a straightforward phrase (two words), ‘Use Signal,’ last week (Jan 7th).

Elon Musk tweet to use Signal

In the Play Store, Telegram is the number 1 for top free apps, followed by Signal. Reversing with Play Store, Signal is currently becoming the most downloaded apps on the App Store and Telegram behind it.

Why people try to find a private messenger app, even though Google knows their location? The answer is we are trying to minimize our shared information to third parties. One of the most important spaces in this globalization era is privacy.





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Rizky Maulana Nurhidayat

Rizky Maulana Nurhidayat

Python Programmer || Data Scientist || Bayesian Astronomer